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Apartment buildings

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“I have lost so many keys! Now, I use my phone instead. That's so nice!"

Daniel Hjellestad

Styremedlem, Langeriden Borettslag

Trusted by the Nordics largest housing associations


Keyless access for co-ops

One app for all doors

Unloc works on all types of locks; entrance doors, apartment doors, garage gates, bike sheds, laundry rooms and even mailboxes.

As a board member, you are in control of who has access to the building. Residents get the mobile keys in the Unloc app, and use it to open doors and share keys with others.

To make sure all residents are satisfied, your old keys will still work.

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"Our goal is that 80% of apartments we manage will use Unloc within a few years."

Daniel K. Siraj, OBOS CEO

Housing Co-op’ Moafjæra 6

Saved 78 hours of board work by using their phone as a key

"This solved many of our challenges. It's super nice to be able to share keys from my phone when I'm in a meeting."
— Atle Busch, Chairman of the Board
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No more lost keys

Easier board work

Control who has access with a few clicks.

Share or revoke keys
Let people share keys with others
Full access log
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Unloc Doorbell

Let everyone ring your doorbell

Open doors for any visitor when they are outside. You can even set opening hours or dynamically change who is shown on the list.

No expensive cabling or fancy panels needed
No hassle when changing name tags
No need to go home to let people in
No app needed
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Join over 140,000 Norwegians who already use Unloc and go keyless today.

Access integrations

Software only

Integrated with everything

We do not own any locks or access control devices.
Instead, we build software.

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